Is it at all possible to bet on fixed matches? Is there a way to identify them? How to find best ways to bet on fixed games? Check out what we have to say about this!

How to bet on fixed matches?

Are fixed matches real? How to bet on fixed matches? Well, this is all a bit complicated. However, the short and true answer to this is that fixed matches are real. Still, all the people offering fixed matches online are scammers – individuals who are out there to take your hard-earned money for free. Betting on fixed soccer games has proved lucrative only for a few people. But for the majority of people it has only proved to be a loss making venture.

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In this article we are going to breakdown match fixing for you. We are going to show you how scammers make their money and continue to be in business. We are going to give you tips on how to spot fixed games (after they have started). We will also tell you how to bet on fixed matches or more precisely what to do when you suspect a match has been fixed. Lastly, we have a few videos just to prove that match fixing is real to those of you who still don’t believe that they are.




There are dozens of Facebook pages and shady websites claiming to offer fixed matches. Some at first will offer an unsuspecting bettor free tips on soccer games. If by luck you win such games, they then reel you in and ask for huge sums of money to give you “the real thing”. This is where most end up losing their savings. So, how do scammers con people and still continue being in business? It is quite simple actually.

First, they are all over the place. Wherever there is betting and people are free to comment you will find one or two people who claim that they have made some money by buying fixed matches. Some even have YouTube pages with tutorials showing how to bet on fixed matches. Once they have convinced about fifty people that they are real, they do the following. They divide the people into three even groups and then give each group one of the three possible match outcomes. In this way, one of the three groups will always win and come back for more.

The group that wins convinced that this is the “real thing”, will be asked to give more money for the next game. Again this group is divided into three and the three subgroups are each given one of the three possible match outcomes. Those who win in such schemes do so only by luck, while those who don’t lose a lot of money (both in buying the fixed matches and in betting big on such matches in the expectation of winning big).


Are they even real?
As we have mentioned before, fixed matches are real. The thing is that betting on fixed soccer games requires knowledge of the actual guy who fixes the match. The problem is that those who are in on them only fix them for their own benefit. Fixing matches is illegal in all countries and those who are found to have been involved in such activities often end up serving lengthy sentences or being banned from getting involved in any the sport that they are found to have fixed.

So, the question you should ask yourself is why should they let you in on their secrets for a few hundred dollars? Or why should they give you free tips on fixed games? The risk they face is quite high for them to give such information.


Below, you will see just a couple of matches, that might look suspicious or have been proven to be fixed. To be honest, we had some difficulties finding them, as there aren’t too many videos of fixed games online. Have a look and decide for yourself, if the games were fixed, or not.


This was a match between Nigeria and Argentina played on June 2011. Nigeria won this match scoring four goals to Argentina’s one. One of the tell-tale signs that this match was fixed is that none of the big players from Argentina (the likes of Messi, Eric Lamela, Tevez and Sergio Aguero) played in the game. They were not even on the bench to begin with. The biggest tell-tale sign that this match was fixed was the fact that the referee allowed play to continue for about three minutes past the stoppage time until a goal was scored by Argentina. Who was paid to determine the goals scored in the match? It is most likely the referee. In fact, the referee Ibrahim Chaibou, who officiated the game was named as one of the “best” at fixing football matches by a convicted match fixer Raj Perumal (a Singaporean National). The controversial penalties he gave influenced the number of goals scored in the game (which is often one of the most difficult things to predict in football matches). Many people who watched this match also questioned the commitment of the Argentine side.


This was a match between South Africa and Guatemala in which South Africa won five nil. The scores alone tell you that something was amiss in this game. A FIFA investigation into this and other matches played by South Africa prior to the 2010 World Cup found strong evidence that the games might have been fixed. Of the five goals scored by South Africa, three of them were penalties. In the penalties, notice how the Guatemalan goalkeeper always jumps to the left – very suspicious. Also, the fact that South Africa was the host country of the 2010 World Cup, could point to another reason why football officials from that country wanted to get good results before the start of the tournament; i.e. so as to get more of their citizens behind the national team which had been performing poorly in the run up to the tournament.


Here is another match. This was played between two Italian clubs, Lecce and Bari. In this match Lecce won two goals to nil. What is suspicious here is the own goal scored by Bari’s defender Andrea Masiello. Though he looks dejected for poking a corner ball into his own net, he later admitted than he was offered over fifty thousand Euros to do so. Investigations into this match and others found him guilty resulting in a two year ban for Masiello.


This was another suspicious match between an African football powerhouse, Nigeria and Scotland. Most probably one would have expected a Nigeria win here. It is also possible that a lot of people had staked their money on the Nigerian team winning meaning that the odds for a Scotland win or goal were quite high. Imagine then the surprise when Scotland scored after the Nigerian goal keeper did something that he expected viewers or spectators to assume was an honest mistake. Look at how he pushes the crossed ball into his own net. Is this an honest mistake? We don’t think so.


This was a match between Japan and Uzbekistan. Here you get to see poor officiating at a whole new level. The referee in this game made all the decisions in favor of Uzbekistan. According to the match official, there is nothing that Japan did right. Fouls were given against them at almost every instance. At one point even their coach was sent off the field for complaining about some very obvious bad decisions. See the proof for yourself.


This is one of the matches played by one of the biggest football clubs in Turkey, Galatasary. In this video the goalkeeper jumps and does not prevent the shot from going in. At least, that’s what he expects us to think, however, thanks to cameras and smartphone video’s from different angles we are able to see that he only pretends to jump for the ball but then he does not fully stretch his arm to prevent the ball from going in. Could he have saved it? Most likely. Even if he could have not prevented the ball from going in why not try.


This match was played between Estonia and Bulgaria. In this match all the four goals scored were penalties. This coupled by the fact that there were less than one hundred spectators in the stands is a sure sign that something was not right. The penalties were given for easy challenges or handballs. Remember, any match played before a small number of spectators or between teams that you have perhaps never heard of should only be betted on after a lot of further investigations.


Most big leagues around the world are hard to fix. Do you think it is possible for a match fixer to influence an outcome in the English Premier League, the Bundesliga, La Liga or Serie A? Obviously no. But why?


Most of the above mentioned leagues and other big leagues in Europe and in the United States are under scrutiny of match officials. Furthermore, in this day and age where almost every event can be live streamed on social media, a match with irregular officiating would be quickly streamed and the results would most likely be cancelled by the responsible association. Thus, why trust free tips on fixed games or even pay money for matches that will end up being cancelled?

Apart from the heavy media scrutiny, most of the players in these big leagues receive thousands of dollars per week in wages. It would be impossible for any match fixer to have enough money to convince a player in a big league to throw away a game. Furthermore, even if a match fixer happens to have the money, to pay a player and to convince him to influence the match negatively would take a lot of effort, because all players are now aware of the fact that receiving bribes is illegal and can be punished by lengthy prison sentences. Would you risk your freedom and career as a player for a few thousand dollars? No you would not.

The majority of people who fix matches often go for small leagues or matches that will not be televised or will not have a huge number of spectators. This is because in many of these small leagues authorities do not care what is happening or even if they care, they are usually in on it. For instance, there are several well documented instances where football officials from a West African country were exposed for receiving bribes to influence match outcomes. And don’t just assume small leagues are those in African, Asian or South American countries, think about second, third and fourth tier leagues in Western European countries. Some of the matches, for instance, in the Conference South division (an English sixth tier league) have been found to have been fixed. Some in the Serie B (the second tier Italian league) have also been fixed.


The best way to be safe in these instances is not to bet on small leagues or any other league that you do not know much about. This way even if the match was fixed you will not end up losing your hard-earned money just because you were not cautious.

Another way to avoid betting on fixed matches is not to bet on games those being played by Under 21s, Under 19s and Under 17s. This is because regardless of where these matches are being played, they are usually not under serious media or official scrutiny. Also, most of the youngsters playing in such matches are usually underpaid and not so careful about the laws against match fixing – this makes them easy to bribe or influence. Moreover, fixers know that in such matches big teams being defeated by small teams is not a surprise. For instance, the English Under 17 side being defeated by the Greek, South African or Tanzanian Under 17 side would not raise eyebrows – this makes such matches attractive to fixers, therefore you should always avoid betting on them.


We don’t think it is.
Despite the warnings, it seems that most of us are still interested on betting on fixed soccer games or on finding out how to bet on fixed matches. Some cautious enough are looking for free tips on fixed games. However, there is often nothing that is completely free in this world. Somehow, somebody who gives you something for free will always get something back: it may be your email address or some personal information.
It is best for you to think long and hard before you go online looking for tips on how to bet on fixed matches. Knowing how scammers make money off unsuspecting bettors and how to spot fixed games will help you in this mission. Think twice before keying in your credit card details or sending someone money via some online wallet, always ask yourself, if you are the one who had such inside information would you sell it to anyone. Remember, there is no way you can be 100 percent sure of some information you have been given online to help you in betting on fixed soccer games.
So in short – you want to start betting on fixed matches? Better not.


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