How to Become a Bet9ja Agent?

Join us as we discuss what the best way would be to become a Bet9ja agent in 2021. We will uncover the various aspects involved in having your own Bet9ja shop, what the Bet9ja registration is all about.

How to ensure you get to affecting your Bet9ja shop register is taken care of? What the Bet9ja agent commission percentage is? What the Bet9ja agent requirements are, and how to become the most amazing Bet9ja super agent?

It seems like a bucket load we will be covering in this article. At the first glance, it may be quite a load to take in, but don’t stress. We will unpack all the ins and outs for you and how Bet9ja agent good times can be your forte in no time.

Bet9ja Agent

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  • What are the Bet9ja Agent Requirements?

    In order to become a Bet9ja agent, there are indeed specific requirements that will need to be met to be able to be counted as a Bet9ja agent accordingly.

    Once the following criteria of requirements have been met, you can register to become an agent for Bet9ja.

    1. You will need to have premises or space in a densely populated area, that will be able to be converted into a shop for Bet9ja.
    2. There will need to be enough physical space within the premises, to allow for foot traffic accordingly.
    3. Your ‘shop’ location will need to be at least 10-15 min walking distance away from any other Bet9ja agent’s premises.
    4. You will need to ensure that you have a stable internet connection on your premises in question.
    5. You will need to supply power generators, enough computers or laptops and televisions accordingly.

    Once you have successfully provided proof of having access to and provisioning the above, you will be able to proceed to the next phase of registration and sign up.

    Bet9ja Agent Registration Process

    Once you meet all the criteria, you will then be prompted into the next phase. That is the phase of registration and sign up.

    See the steps as laid out below. They are a quick guide on how to get the process of registration started and concluded.

    Steps to follow:

    1. As soon as your shop has been approved, by way of having sent proof of the Bet9ja agent requirements being met, you will be given an account on the platform.
    2. You will then need to fill in the registration form accordingly, and proceed with sign up.
    3. You will then need to head over to the registration page. Fill in the form (as shown in the screengrab below). You can find the registration form here:

    Once you have successfully registered and paid the fee, you will be given the following.

    Once you have paid the sign up fee, you receive the following items to begin your journey as a Bet9ja agent;

    1. An account on the Bet9ja agent platform
    2. Thermal printers
    3. A Bet9ja banner to use to advertise your status as a Bet9ja agent on your premises

    Here’s What is the Bet9ja Agent Commission Percentage Is

    Once you are operating as a Bet9ja agent, you will get the agent commission percentage to take home.

    As far as the commission is concerned, this is one of the major benefits of becoming a Bet9ja agent.

    The commission rates are solely judged and based on the turnover of the Bet9ja bets. It will do you good to accumulate as many bets through your shop as possible. It is commonly known that there is a particular percentage of commission that Bet9ja agents earn for every bet.

    This means that for every bet staked, you will get a percentage of that staked bet. What you want is for your patrons to bet large amounts. Therefore, your overall percentage received will be all that much more.

    It does not concern you, as the Bet9ja agent whether the bet actually wins or is a loss. You will be making your commission off of the actual bet placed.

    When a patron losses a bet, it is up to Bet9ja and not the agent to shoulder that loss. When a patron wins a bet, it is up to you to make sure that the bettor gets paid.

    Oftentimes, if you have many winners hailing from your shop, the perception to other patrons will be that your shop is a lucky one. This will inevitably only result in more and more patrons making their way to your shop to place their bets. That will only result in more commission for you to take home at the end of the day.

    Scaling Commission

    As is to be expected, there is somewhat of a sliding scale incorporated within the Bet9ja agent commission percentages. That is because, as mentioned above, the more bets placed, the more commission earned.

    Check below for a quick glance at a list of some commissions to be earned by Bet9ja agents based in Nigeria;

    • 1% commission: 1 selection
    • 2% commission: 2 selections
    • 5% commission: 3 selections
    • 6% commission: 4-5 selections
    • 7% commission: 6-8 selections
    • 12% commission: 9-10 selections
    • 14% commission: 11-13 selections
    • 16% commission: 14 -20 selections
    • 18% commission: 21-25 selections
    • 20 % commission: 26- 40 selections

    All in all, one can clearly see that by becoming a Bet9ja agent, there is a steady income almost guaranteed. It all comes down to the amount of foot traffic taking place in your betting shop.

    How Much Do I Need to Become a Bet9ja Agent?

    If you are already a shop owner or already have access to premises that you will be using as your base for the Bet9ja shop, then the only additional expense you will need to factor in, in order to become a Bet9ja agent would be the initial sign up fee.

    As mentioned briefly above, there is a sign up fee of 75,000 nairas.

    Once that is all paid up, then you will be on your way to securing a steady income for yourself, no problem.

    Should you not have a shop or premises prior to thinking about becoming a Bet9ja agent, then you will need to come up with some capital first. You will use it to meet the requirements needed to become a Bet9ja agent at all.

    Your capital amount will need to be enough to cover the following start-up expense;

    1. Rent or mortgage of a suitable shop or premise, whereby you will run the Bet9ja shop from
    2. Monthly expense for ensuring a secure internet connection to the premises
    3. Expense for hiring or purchasing of computers and laptops to be used by patrons to your Bet9ja shop
    4. Expense for hiring or purchasing television monitors for the operations of the Bet9ja shop accordingly.
    5. The initial sign up fee for becoming a Bet9ja agent, of 75,000 naira

    Although to set up the business and get your shop ready to become a Bet9ja agent, it may take a bit of capital and collateral, in the end, it will all pan out and be worth it. If you follow through diligently and ensure your shop is one of the better Bet9ja agent shops, this will secure your monthly take-home indeed.

    Bet9ja Shop

    How to Open a Bet9ja Shop?

    In order to practically be able to open up a Bet9ja shop, you will need to be able to put into practice the above-mentioned steps. Also, follow the criteria as mentioned in the first half of this article.

    You will need to ensure that your shop has all the equipment needed to operate a successful Bet9ja shop.

    Perhaps you may need to get in touch with a financial provider, in order to acquire that initial start-up money.

    But once that is all sorted, all that you will need to do from there is fill in the Bet9ja agent registration form. Then provide proof to the relevant parties that you are indeed able to meet all the Bet9ja requirements and criteria accordingly.

    Once you have signed up and received your item from Bet9ja, you will be ready to advertise your Bet9ja shop and begin reaping in those rewards.

    Quite easy and simple to do, if all the steps are followed and adhered to accordingly.

    How to Withdraw Bet9ja as an Agent?

    When you, as the Bet9ja agent want to withdraw your earnings and commission, there is a really simple way to do just that.

    Follow below for a step-by-step guide on how to withdraw your funds.

    1. Go to the URL:
    2. Go to ‘my Account’
    3. Scroll down this drop-down menu, until you find ‘Report’ and select that option
    4. From the ‘Report’ section you will find a few tabs that you can select, for example, you can select ‘SportsRacingDeposit’ to get the commission you gained from sports or racing deposits made
    5. Now is the step where you will need to fill in the dates that you would like to check ‘from’ and ‘to’ – most often time the ‘to’ field will be the present day.
    6. You will then see in the ‘total’ field, with a minus in front of the amount, and then this is the total amount that you as the Bet9ja agent can withdraw. (Should the total amount not contain a ‘minus’ in front of the amount, then this is actually the balance that will need to be paid to Bet9ja, and cannot be withdrawn accordingly)
    7. When you are ready to withdraw your amount, you will then need to follow the normal withdrawal procedure, as is required for all Bet9ja patrons, agents and players alike.

    *Important to note here:
    The rules for withdrawal for Bet9ja agents are that an agent CANNOT withdraw amounts less than 20,000 and that withdrawals can ONLY be made into a bank account that is held by the same name as the Bet9ja agent account.

    Our Review of Bet9ja Agents

    Now that we have taken a closer look at what it entails to become a Bet9ja super agent, what the benefits are and what steps can be taken to meet the requirements, as well as how to go about setting up your Bet9ja shop.

    You are able to start your journey as a Bet9ja agent, or as some prefer to call it, bet naija. For those that are willing to take the jump and step into this new business venture, there are only great opportunities that await.

    The brand has an infrastructure that is set up in such a way that it has minimal expenses incurred by the Bet9ja agent. A business that also offers hands-on resources and troubleshooting facilities via being part of a larger global network. This Bet9ja venture is indeed something to consider if gaining a steady income is something that may appeal to you.

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