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bet365 official logoAt Promotional Codes Nigeria, it is our mission to help punters have the best betting experience. In this article, we will review bet365 – a world-class bookmaker – and describe what the betting site has in store for bettors in different regions. One of the perks of our text is the bet365 promotion code you can get after clicking on a button! Use the code wisely, but always according to the Terms and Conditions.

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How to get the bet365 bonus code 2021?

The most exciting thing we’ll be talking about is the bet365 bonus code. For those who don’t know, a bonus code aka promotion code is a string of letters or numbers that punters might want to provide when registering with betting sites. It’s important to keep in mind, that the bonus is meant exclusively for new customers that had never opened an account in bet365 before and are 18 or older.

How to claim the bet365 upon registration:

Normally, the registration code has a special field (usually closer towards the end of the registration process), that is called “bonus code” or “promotion code”. Depending on the country of access, there might be a possibility of entering our bet365 bonus code in the form.

bet365 bonus code sign-up form

After registering, you become eligible for more offers and promotions. Like with every bookmaker and any special offers, there are a few restrictions applying to the promotion code and the collection of the bet365 bonus money. Remember that every time you deal with a bet365 bonus, terms and conditions apply.

Bookmaker bonusBonus criteria
bet365 bonus codeGet the code!
Bonus percentageMay vary - see the bookie's website!
Max. qualifying depositSee T&C for more details

Other Features and Offers

Live Sport on the Move

Depending on the region, bet365 allows its active customers to live stream a multitude of games yearly – never for free though! It probably won’t be enough to just register to get this offer, so please make sure you understand how to use this feature. Who wouldn’t want to watch live football matches wherever they are (taking, of course, into consideration they have high-speed internet and plenty of data bundles)? This could be reason enough for a lot of the users who are football fans to join this site.

bet365 promotions to enjoy

It would seem like bet365 takes its pride in their selection of promotions (depending on the location). Once a player there, the punter might want to check the current bonus and betting offers as well as available odds that are waiting for the customers. There seems to be plenty to choose from, not only for football fans!

We would advise clicking through the website of the bookmaker and enjoying the full experience of bet365 bonus offers and odds. What is important, is keeping in mind that T&C apply to each offer and promo campaign. We would encourage everyone to get familiarised with the rules to find out how to get the next bonus work to their advantage!

Mobile Betting

It’s hard to imagine a bookmaker that doesn’t support betting on mobile. Especially in countries similar to Nigeria where about 80% of the population is browsing on smartphones, it would be a suicide not to accept bets made from mobile devices.

Betting on smartphones at bet365 can be done in two ways. There is the option to bet using a browser – and our educated guess would be that it should be related 1 to 1 with the countries where the bookmaker is available. In some countries, the local AppStores and Google Play Stores might have a dedicated bet365 app, although that one, we cannot guarantee – we can just recommend you to try and download one if you want to.

Easy-to-Use Online Interface

Regardless of the method, the usability of the bet365 interface should live up to the expectations of most users and best online practices. The events should be easy to find and the odds very visible. We would also expect a fairly easy to use live betting option for the smartphones of most shapes and sizes.

At the time of writing this article in October 2017 the page loading time was quick, and the pages were quite easy to navigate through. Jumping around was also no problem at all and the interface allows you to switch the tabs quickly.

We were able to edit our match selection to our liking so that we could track the ongoing bets more efficiently. A great UI coupled with a large stake, to begin with, makes for an intense betting experience, so we would recommend registering to the bookie using the bet365 promotion code and starting to explore the possibilities.

Betting on Fixed Matches

On a few occasions, there’s no doubt that punters have felt hard done by the bookies because of the widespread phenomenon of Match Fixing which seems to have taken the sports betting world by storm in the last few of years.

While many believe match fixing is actually a real thing, some people don’t, although, without any iota of doubt, Fixed matches actually exist and seem to be what is taking all the pleasure out of football. And yet, very few sports teams in the world game have ever been penalized for Match Fixing over the years, especially in the football market, with the likes of Juventus suffering relegation because of Match fixing allegations – often because of the fact that it’s not easy to prove it.

During the World Cup, match-fixing allegations were also thrown at Cameroon, although they failed to materialize into any sort of real sanctions. There was another case in 2017, one of a referee match-fixing a World Cup qualifier between South Africa and Senegal. That referee was punished by FIFA: his referee licenses were revoked for life.

Most people believe that betting on lower leagues is actually somewhat of a risk in the football market considering the amount of alleged match fixing going on in the grassroots, although there’s no sort of proof associated with those claims.

And in reality, there’s practically no way of knowing if a game has been fixed before kick-off. On the other hand, sports punters should always remember that a victory in any sport isn’t always a certainty thus constantly blaming failed bets on Match Fixing won’t do the betting industry any good.

The existence of fixed matches have actually been proven to a certain extent although, it’s also been proven that it’s an extremely rare occurrence. Most organizations claiming to offer fixed games at a price might just be doing so in an attempt to ripoff the unsuspecting customers so punters should just stick with predicting their own games rather than paying for fixed matches.

If you want to know more about match-fixing in football, have a look at our article on fixed soccer games.

Bet365 Customer Service

It would seem, that bet365 runs an impressive customer service which in many regions is available in various supported languages. Similarly to other companies in the industry, they try to provide at least a couple of efficient channels of reaching out to their customer service. Their customer service agents are quite speedy and polite with their replies, but most importantly, they are trained to provide the assistance as fast as possible. However, what the bettors need to take into consideration, is the size of the company – bet365 operates internationally, which means it should go without saying that customer service most likely isn’t going to be as efficient as your local bookmaker’s team.

Bet365 Payment and Withdrawal

Depending on location, there’s typically a variety of payment and deposit options available to bet365 customers. Being the mainstream bookmaker that it is, bet365 has also reliable and pretty quick payout times. The company accepts deposits and withdrawals in multiple currencies, which also depend strongly on the location.

How does Cashout work?

The idea surrounding this concept is quite easy to comprehend, it involves the user placing a bet before the start of a sports event or during the course of the game in question (In-Play betting), then the option to cash out on the bet is made available at that point in time.

How about we have a more practical look at what ‘Cash Out’ is all about? Let’s say you pick Bayern Munich to win the DFB Pokal but for one reason or another you decide to cash out on your bet for a certain amount of money after the Semis, you would be able to get money back on your bet, although one important thing to take note of is the fact, that the ‘cash out’ amount could be a farcry from the potential winnings.

Partial cash out on the other hand, enables the option of accounting for a fixed amount of a stake. Let’s say a punter placed a $15 bet for Agnieszka Radwanska to win the US Open before the start of the tournament at 10/1 taking the potential winnings to $150. Then Radwanska makes it to the finals – as expected – but is set to go up against another World Class star, let’s say Serena Williams. Because she’s going to face someone as good as her, the punter might be having some doubts about their pick. Well, this is where Cash Out comes in! At this point if the bettor decide to take out your initial take, let’s say: $20 out of the $50 being offered, the initial bet would remain active meaning he’d still have a chance of winning but he wouldn’t win as much as he would’ve before.

Reliability and Efficiency

From the various bonuses and features offered, it’s quite evident that bet365 take customer satisfaction very seriously. They also appear to have their ears open to complaints and suggestions from their customers around the world, and as earlier stated, they seem to be addressing every issue thrown at them with professionalism and understanding.

From our perspective, they make punting more convenient than most other betting companies in the world. bet365 definitely scores relatively high in our review and we recommend that all our users here at Promotional Codes Nigeria entertain the possibility of registering with them – even if just to check the alternatives.

One last time, we would like to encourage everyone to use our bet365 bonus code when joining bet365. And once they are a member, to enjoy the welcome bonus (T&C apply) and other promotions that should spike the interest of a lot of bettors.

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In-Play Betting at Bet365

bet365 was one of the pioneers of In-Play (Live) betting which seems to have gone down well in the books of punters around the world.
In-play betting is offered by most bookmakers and has several advantages. One of them is that it reduces the risk of unawareness when staking on a sports game: the punter will typically have the chance to assess the fixture once it has begun thereby selecting the best betting option with optimum profit.

Let’s say Chelsea is set to take on Manchester United, but you are not quite sure of Chelsea’s chances of winning. Well, with the live betting feature you can assess the game once it has kicked off in order to be sure of the right team to stake on.

Bet365 Live Stream

On selected markets, bet365 also offers live stream services for many sporting events each year which caps off their numerous In-Play betting options. Keep in mind, that this function isn’t free though! The idea behind the live stream feature is that it could serve as a support to the In-Play service, which makes a lot of sense – these two features most certainly come in pairs. Naturally, the coverage of the sports events depend on the licenses and will most likely vary from country to country. Also, access to the Live streaming is usually conditioned by the Terms of Service.

Betting Odds

Odds and prices are of key importance to any bookmaker striving for success. A certain subtlety is required while setting them: odds that are too low would most likely make the bettors search for a more profitable service at a competitor. On the other hand, if the odds are too high – the bookmaker might get into some trouble.

bet365 seems to be doing quite alright in terms of the active users. And they have been around for quite some time now, which makes us believe, they are doing quite alright.

One of the best advice we can offer to any new punter is this – compare the odds. It is always a good idea to check the odds before deciding to play at one bookmaker or another. The differences might seem slight, but in the betting world, they are usually pretty significant.

bet365 sports betting

Wide Variety of Bets

Even the highest odds are nothing if there are only a few bets available. The wide range of bets is a must for any bookie that wishes to matter. Naturally, the availability of the events will be different in different countries, but in this case, quantity should probably be considered as important as quality. It would appear that bet365 understands that, because in some markets their offer is one of the best ones available.

bet365 isn’t just limited to Sports Betting though. Like many other bookies around they also try to offer poker slots and Casino games wherever possible in order to provide a big variety of entertainment to different sets of customers.

Here’s why bet365 could be a Bookmaker for you

bet365 is most likely one of the biggest, best and most efficient bookmakers in the world right now. With their wide variety of betting niches as well as other features, including Casino games, they might be just the right operator for a lot of bettors. Sports betting has become somewhat of a global phenomenon over the past decade and it’s no question why punters are quite keen on patronizing the best bookmakers out there and bet365 is definitely a strong contestant on that front.

bet365 also have many eye-catching offers available for their customers. Click below to get your bet365 promotion code and use it! (T&Cs apply)

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