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There are obviously plenty of lotteries in Africa and around the world, some genuine, others fake. Dozens of people in many different countries have been made millionaires overnight by simply buying lottery tickets! There is this Kenyan guy who won almost 1 million dollars in a draw conducted this year, a South African who won nearly 7 million dollars last year, a Nigerian couple that won 50 million dollars in 2014, and then there is the American nurse who won 758 million dollar Power Ball lottery. And these are just a few examples of real people who have made millions by betting a little something on lottery jackpots.

So lotteries are real and today we reveal to you the latest entrant into the African lottery industry – AfroMillions Lotto!

About Afromillions Lotto company

Afromillions lottery is owned and operated by Ofertas 365 limited – a British-based company with plenty of experience in running lotteries all around the world. Ofertas 365 is currently headed by James Leppard, a former investment banker. The fact that this is a British-based company means you can expect a high-level of professionalism from them.

The company doesn’t conduct its own draw. The draw is held by the German National Lottery which you can watch live via a link provided on the site. The German National Lottery is obviously regulated by the German authorities, so you can be sure that everything about it is above board. The link provided allows you to see the draw being conducted and to verify the winning AfroMillions Jackpot numbers. There is a timer on the screen showing the next time the draw will be conducted.

Afromillions lottery platform

The Afromillions Lotto site is powered by Twelve40; a gaming company that specializes in providing lottery platforms and content. Simply put, Twelve40 makes websites and makes sure they run seamlessly.

A visit to the official Afro millions lotto company website shows that Twelve40 did a good job on this one. The site is really simple and has a clean interface! It also isn’t loaded with a lot of information allowing it to load faster and consume less data (to load). Navigation is also pretty easy.

The fact that everything is online, means there is very little opportunity for fraud (people selling fake tickets) and that you can quickly play at any time of the day. The super-fast platform makes the experience enjoyable.

How to play

Playing AfroMillions Lotto is a breeze. There is a simple four step process on the site that I won’t go into much detail about. You basically have to sign up, deposit funds and play to win. The biggest difference between AfroMillions and other lotteries in Nigeria and the rest of Africa is their direct support for charity causes. Most lotteries claim to donate money to charities or entities that they choose by themselves. For AfroMillions, the case is different. The company has partnered with the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) management allowing you to choose the club to which part of the profits will be donated to (not part of your jackpot of course).If football is not your thing there will also be some charities on the site that you can choose from.
So playing for the AfroMillions Jackpot doesn’t just give you a chance to become a multi-millionaire overnight, but also allows you to help develop local football or fund verified charities that are doing good to our society.

What is the AfroMillions Jackpot?

The most exciting thing about AfroMillions jackpot is the amount of money you stand to win. The minimum value for the jackpot is 2.5 million Euros (that’s almost 1 billion Naira)! The jackpot then increases by 250,000 Euros every time it’s not won. It can rise to a maximum 5 million Euros! Now that’s money everyone wishes to have in his or her account. It’s the kind of money that you can use to buy plenty of expensive things or property and still remain with a chunky balance to keep you cosy for the rest of your life.
Afro millions Lotto will also give lucrative bonuses to those whose predictions were partially correct. So you might not win the jackpot, but you might win some good amount for the weekend or something.

Lottery wins in Nigeria

Having started this year, nobody has won the AfroMillions Jackpot yet! But it will be won. They are always won. Somehow people win these things. You don’t need juju or to visit witchdoctors or something of that sort. You simply place your bet and you never know! You could be the new millionaire in town! Remember the trader from Ebonyi State who won almost 6 million Naira by staking just 50 Naira. That six million is child’s play compared to the 2.5 million Euros you stand to win on AfroMillions.
So sign up now, and you never know what tomorrow might just bring!


As mentioned earlier, lotteries are real. From the examples we have given, you can see that plenty of ordinary people from all over the world have won millions and billions of Naira by purchasing lottery tickets. AfroMillions Lotto presents you with an opportunity to win the most amount of money in Nigerian lottery history. The minimum jackpot amount of 2.5 million Euros is a serious amount that could set you up for life. The company is owned and operated by legit British companies so you don’t have to worry about somebody running away with your money.
Register with AfroMillions now to position yourself for take-off to financial freedom!
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